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Montessori Inspired

Little Camie is restoring the magic of childhood through a diverse collection of wordless Quiet Books that encourage sensory learning, skill-building, and educational play-time for the whole family. As a family-owned small business, we do so much more than sell educational toys and children’s books, though. We are raising a new generation of empowered little leaders who know there’s more to life than scrolling through the screen. 

Let your pride and joy sparkle and shine the Little Camie way!

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Cover Finger Puppet Bear Quiet Book

Magic Rainbow

Maze Activity Quiet Book

Leo the Lion

Happy Panda Mini Quiet Book Cover
Peekaboo Panda Mini Quiet book

Happy Panda

Cheeky Giraffe Cover  - Mini Quiet Book
Pull The Giraffe Head - Mini Quiet Book

Cheeky Giraffe

ABC Quiet Book
ABC Page 1 and 2 Quiet book

My First ABC

Peekaboo Lion Quiet Book
Peekaboo Lion cover Busy Book

Peekaboo Lion


What Should I do Today

Once Upon A Time Quiet Book Cover
Quiet Book Cover

Once Upon a Time


Peekaboo Puppy


Petit Telephone


Little Fox


Little Mermaid


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