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Your Little Camie Questions - Answered

We’ve done our best to answer as many of the questions we get asked the most as possible. But if you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply start a conversation with the team behind the scenes. We’re here for you, super-parent!


Yes! Safety and quality are just as important to us as they are to you. That’s why each Quiet Book you buy from us is guaranteed to have been UKCA/CE tested. What’s more, all detachables for books aimed at babies and toddlers under three years of age have passed the Small Part and Pulling Test.

As part of our collections for kids aged 3+, books aimed at older kids have smaller detachables – however, these still comply with safety standards for toys designed for children aged 3+. These books will be clearly labelled stating that they should not be used by children under three years of age. Further pulling tests are standard in our quality control process, and we make sure we use exclusively eco-friendly materials that are non-toxic.

However, we still recommend parental supervision at all times, especially for children <36 months enjoying Quiet Books.

Absolutely! Quiet Books are wordless, meaning ANY child of ANY age (and ANY native language…) can experience the magic carved into each interactive page. Babies and toddlers adore Little Camie Montessori Books which spark their imagination and foster a deep seated love for reading from a young age.

Why NOT Montessori? Initially developed by Dr. Maria Montessori at the dawn of the 1900s, the Montessori educational system works WITH a child’s natural development, creativity, and imagination – instead of forcing them to develop at a pace that’s not right for them. Every child is different, which is why we are so passionate about a system that encourages hands-on, independent, self-paced learning and pretend play that makes education a joy. Studies show that children who have been raised in line with the Montessori educational system are happier, more fulfilled adults and confident contributors to society.

Absolutely! We know how it goes when raising babies and toddlers, that’s why we thought ahead :). Detachables are available for purchase separately upon request. Simply contact us as soon as you notice a piece is missing, and we’ll have it replaced it in no time!

Yes, but be sure to do so by hand. Gently rinse each page using warm water and a little soap on the stained areas, rubbing under the flow of water with your fingers. Be sure to remove excess water by gently squeezing the page and then placing the washed area between two layers of a towel. Don’t be afraid to squeeze hard to get as much water out as possible! Leave the Quiet Book in the sun to dry, and your kid will be back in action with their busy book in no time.

While you could throw the fabric book into the washing machine, we haven’t stated this on the instructions as it’s riskier and there’s a higher chance of damage. If you don’t have time to handwash your Quiet Book and absolutely need to machine-wash it, be sure to do so on Delicate mode after removing all detachables and placing them in a laundry bag. In fact, we recommend placing the book in the bag as well (with all detachables removed). Whatever you do, don’t tumble dry.

Yes, you can. While each busy book we make is put through intense quality control to ensure unmatched perfection on every page, no one and nothing is perfect. Mistakes happen, and if you find your Quiet Book to be anything less than what you expected, contact us. We’ll take the faulty book off your hands and provide a refund. The only condition is that we need the book returned in its original condition, within 28 days from the date of purchase.

For more information, see our Return Policy.

Not at all! We’ve spent years developing the internet’s widest range of Quiet Books for all ages, each featuring unique and age-appropriate activities depending on the child’s stage of development.

Here’s what we’ve got in-store for your child:

Camie Baby: 6 months & Up. Nurture early learning with activities that promote fine motor skills, touch and discovery, an introduction to colours, and beyond!

Camie Tot: 1-3 Years. Foster cognitive development with matching, sorting, pairing, puzzles, lacing, numbers, basic counting, and maze-solving!

Camie Kid: 3 Years & Up. Make your child the star of their own fairy tale, help them create their own adventures, and immerse in imaginative story play every day.

Nope! We have families with kids as old as 9 enjoying our Quiet Books every day. Our Camie Kid collection is specifically designed for older kids who still crave imaginative play, but need more of a challenge. That’s why we created this specific collection to immerse them in their own fairy tales, empower them to embark on daily adventures, and truly be the stars of their own show every single day.

…Glad you asked. We work exceptionally hard on every single book that moves from our hands to yours, and the process can take months for one single final product. It all begins with in-depth research on what children of various ages need to promote cognitive development, fine motor skills, and more – and we’re always adding more concepts to our Quiet Book collections.

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