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The Little Camie Story

Where It All Began

Once upon a time, there was (and still is…) a little girl named Camille. Like any young princess, Camille saw the world through a lens of adventure, always searching for new opportunities to learn, grow and, most importantly, have fun.

But Camille had a problem. She craved more than entertainment through the screen. She and her royal parents – comprising a passionate mompreneur and creative dad – wanted to take Camille back to a time when tangible toys and activities were the norm.

And that’s when this family discovered the magical, weird and wonderful world of Quiet Books – proving that no words are needed to learn, grow, and bond as a family.

It was love at first sight for Camille, who dove headfirst into the world of authentic entertainment and education (much to her parents’ delight!). Camille wasted no time in sharing the magic with her cousins and friends, and before long, it was clear that the entire kingdom wanted a piece of the Montessori book action.

That’s when Camille’s parents realised how much potential they had to share the wonder and bliss of Quiet Books far and wide. With a constantly-expanding collection of high-quality Busy Books for every personality, Camille and her family (that’s us!) can’t wait to make our educational children’s books a normal part of everyday life.

We’d say that they all lived happily ever after, but this story is just getting started…will your child join our journey?

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