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My First ABC

The ABCs of Childhood
Inspire Daily Magic With An
Immersive ABC Quiet Book They’ll Love!
  • Standard Quiet Book 20x20cm & suitable as from 18m+
  • Sensory play inspired by the Montessori education system
  • Encourages problem-solving and cognitive development
  • Finesses the development of fine motor skills
  • Nurtures intrinsic childhood imagination
  • Lovingly handmade and sewn using high-quality OEKO-TEX® felt
  • Heirloom-quality – pass down through the generations
  • Lightweight, portable, and endless fun on-the-move

There are plenty of YouTube videos that teach your kid the ABCs. But can any of those finesse your little one’s motor skills? Can they physically feel the tangible magic of the ABCs in the palm of their hands? Well, with the My First ABC Quiet Book, they can!

Each page is bursting with colour, magic, and opportunities to nurture their motor skills and cognitive development – all while they use their imagination to master the ABCs and learn the different animals. From a delicious apple to a buzzing bee – all the way through to the surprise Z – this Busy Felt Book for kids aged 1-3 years teaches your child to attach the letters to their relevant animals, open a ribbon and pull out “N” for nest, zip open and closed along a cloud, lace up the sun in the sky, explore a mini maze, and more. In fact, EVERY letter offers a new activity for your child to immerse in, keeping them busy for HOURS on end!

Independent toddler play has never been this fun, immersive, imaginative, OR educational. With 26 detachable letters and neat zipped storage, it’s clear to see why this Quiet Book from Little Camie is so popular. Get YOURS now to get in on the action!

Disclaimer: Adult supervision is recommended at all times to make sure nothing ruins the fun!

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