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Peekaboo Lion

Peekaboo Lion…We See You!
Endless Entertainment for Hungry Young Minds
  • Standard Book 20x20cm & suitable as from 6m+
  • Sensory play inspired by the Montessori education system
  • Encourages problem-solving and cognitive development
  • Finesses the development of fine motor skills
  • Nurtures intrinsic childhood imagination
  • Lovingly handmade and sewn using high-quality OEKO-TEX® felt
  • Heirloom-quality – pass down through the generations
  • Lightweight, portable, and endless fun on-the-move

Your baby’s mind is like a sponge, desperate to absorb every opportunity to learn. Give your little one a strong motor and cognitive developmental foundation with their new friend, the Peekaboo Lion! This cute little feline furball is full of surprises, and he’s always up for a game of peekaboo. And with each flip of the page, your child will giggle and ROFL as they learn all the colours of the rainbow, match droplets to the rainbow colours, go fishing with their magnetic rod, learn geometric shapes with different fish, and beyond.

…But this is so much more than just a Quiet Book. It’s your key into a whole new world of hand to eye coordination development, sorting and matching, number counting, and even empathy. One page even features 8 hungry animals, and it’s your tot’s job to feed them what they want. You can even help the Quiet Book’s characters with dinner, bath-time, playtime, bedtime, and beyond – making education FUN every single minute of every single day!

With endless role-playing escapades and neat detachable part storage in the included back zipper pocket, it’s clear to see why this is one of our most popular Quiet Books for babies and toddlers. It’s ideal for babies aged 6+ months, and you’ll get to watch as your baby grows WITH this progressive Quiet Book – moving onto more complex activities as they develop. From basic numeracy to telling the time, indulging in pretend play, practicing daily home routines, and so much more, this Quiet Book is an investment into your child’s development for years to come!

Before long, your child will know exactly what time different animals wake up, eat, bath, play, go to bed, and more! Give them a reason to smile every day – we’re ready to get yours packed and shipped asap!

Disclaimer: Adult supervision is recommended at all times to make sure nothing ruins the fun!

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